Mini City Madness

Micro City Planner game. for LOW REZ JAM



  • Arrow Keys - Move Cursor
  • Space Bar - Place selected Object/Tile
  • C - Scroll Left Through Objects/Tiles (Bottom Left)
  • V - Scroll Right Through Objects/Tiles (Bottom Left)
  • X - Delete Object/Tile (This is tile specific, you need to make sure you have the right object selected to delete it, also you gain some money back if you delete an object)


  • Get the Happiness bar to 100%

How To Play:

  1. Make sure you have at least 4 power plants. These are the 3rd object in the list. If you don't have power you won't gain happiness.
  2. To gain happiness you need to build houses. Houses have to be built next to a road. Make sure you have roads connecting houses, otherwise you will not gain happiness.
  3. To gain money you need to build office blocks. Office blocks require roads as well.
  4. Over time buildings and roads decay. Rubble will gather and you will have to clear the rubble and build new buildings and roads. Always be on top of rubble, as you will need to make sure tiles are free to build new objects.
  5. Next to the happiness bar is a indicator. This will show you if you are gaining happiness, or losing happiness. Red indicates loss of happiness, and green shows an increase in happiness.
  6. The lightning icon and "J" Icon show if you have power and jobs available. Keep an eye on these, since if you have no power, you can't gain happiness. And if you don't have jobs, you won't gain money.
  7. Object Costs:
    1. Road - 100
    2. House - 200
    3. Power Plant - 500
    4. Office Block - 300


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Nice! I guess that must be the most optimal layout to win with. Surprised someone actually managed to finish it after all this time :)

Using X to clear is annoying when making quick actions. Can't SPACE or X be used for building/demolishing? Seems unnecessary to have the extra button. Or, could the button be on that isn't next to the toggles?
Fun though.

Hi there,

You are quite right, I did think about having objects be easier to delete. But through play testing I found it to be quite fun to scroll through the objects and remember where each one is. X I don't know why I added, figure it must have been easier to just separate the key presses.

Thanks for playing though.